Working with you to improve the lives of Utah’s children and families.

Eileen Gallagher is a pediatrician, mother, volunteer, and candidate now running for State Senate in Utah District 26.


I am a pediatrician in Summit County, Utah who is running for office in Utah Senate District 26. I plan to promote children's health, responsible land use, and improving Utah's air quality. I believe in fiscal responsibility, responsible and effective legislation by legislators, and putting the care of the next generation ahead of our own.

As your legislator, know that I will not be concerned with my own personal power, corporate interests, or even strict Party allegiance but instead will work with all constituents of the District to make the responsible and sensible choices.


I am a Democrat.  I will work with Democrats, Republicans, and independent voters to do what is best for the next generation. 


We need a senator who will be a strong voice for the families and children of Utah.

I have spent my career serving the community as a general pediatrician and now can help you and your families develop a healthy, economically successful, and beautiful Utah.

As your senator, I will prioritize the physical, emotional, and academic health of children, ensure an excellent health care system, work to markedly reduce our air pollution, and promote a robust economy and decent jobs. I will accomplish these goals because as a political moderate, a pediatrician, mother, and lifelong volunteer, I know how to partner with families from any background and from any belief system to do what is right for our youngest citizens.

My husband and I chose to move here in 2014 to finish raising our family in a state that prioritizes family life. We love the culture of kindness and the natural beauty of Utah. Help me promote this culture and the health of Utah on a larger scale.

Let’s preserve the natural beauty of Utah, build a robust economy, promote health, and do what is right for the next generation together.


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