Core Values



Social and economic justice




Dignity and intrinsic worth of every human being




Children’s Health

All children in Utah should have access to affordable health insurance. This will require state healthcare reform and expansion of Medicare and other programs for the young. Additional support is needed for our most sick and chronically ill children in order to preserve their families and prevent unnecessary suffering.

Responsible Land Use

Citizens and government need to work together to be effective and trustworthy stewards of our land. Our economy relies heavily upon both the energy sector and tourism and our state is composed of a variety of types of public lands. When we make decisions about those economic sectors and lands, we should always choose the healthiest and best choice for a future economy and the future generations.

Improving Utah’s Air Quality

We must act soon and in major ways to prevent our air in the Salt Lake Valley and Uintah Valley from deteriorating more as the economy and population grows. A combination of incentives, disincentives, and public policies towards that goal will serve the people of Utah well. 

Fiscal Responsibility

Legislatures should balance the budget, promote self reliance, and resist participating in issues and legislation that waste taxpayers money and create unnecessary lawsuits.

Boosting the Economy

Honest pay for honest work creates jobs where parents can support their families without undue economic stress. Utah will be continuing to grow over the next decades: we need to create an economy based on a fair and just minimum wage, economic opportunity, and education and training for those who wish to improve and advance their skills.

Medical Marijuana

I support the Utah Medical Cannabis Act. I also recognize that legislative adjustments after the initiative passes will be necessary, making it especially important that we elect legislators who understand the science and objectives of a great medical marijuana policy in Utah. For example, I would legislate for child safety containers, linking of diagnoses to dispensed product to improve doctor and dispensary education, and requiring grow houses to follow dispensary zoning regulations. By promoting physician collaboration with the cannabis community, we can ensure patient safety and quality of care.


I support the Better Boundaries Initiative. Communities should be intact within voting districts. Redistricting has lowered the quality of elections and taken power from the people of Utah.